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Apati Aps

Clarasvej 1C

DK-2920 Charlottenlund

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Apati Aps

Clarasvej 1C

DK-2920 Charlottenlund

VAT DK-38914030

Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm


We strive to be responsible in what we do, therefore we consider the following areas when producing our garments: sustainability, environment and social equity.

We think of the environment, therefore we re-use our carefully selected textiles for various designs, to avoid the waste of materials.

Our business strategy is to cooperate closely with our manufactures, establishing sustainable relationships, making sure that the production process uses up-to-date technologies, and is environmentally-friendly. 

Slow fashion never goes out of fashion

At Apati we focus on providing a high quality of products that last and are season independent - something you can enjoy for many years. We listen to your needs, so you can be your own trendsetter, and make the season last for as long as you want it.

We call it ‘a new classic’. Simple, sophisticated designs that work for any occasion, easily re-used and matched with anything you already have. Easily matchable pieces that you can dress up or down. 

Besides the original design, we wanted to make them functional as well.

A piece of clothing is an investment in your future, and we want you to see our products in this way.

“We want our styles to be your favorite ones in your wardrobe -  Something you find special”

The fabric is the magic

In Apati we undertake a very conscious selection of textiles used for our designs. We strive to establish very personal relationships with our suppliers in order to make sure that all standards are kept according to our vision, which is to provide all women with a conscious piece of clothing, that can make you feel fabulous.  

Tencel and Viscose are among the sustainable fabrics we use, both grown sustainably and responsibly from renewable plant material

The fashion business has reached a point, where the environment and the sustainability are taken very seriously and constantly worked upon. Apati wants to be a part of that conscious movement, and ensure that the business moves forward towards the green change, along with our fabric manufactures.

“Consciously produced with love”

The way we produce our clothes has no secrets to it, we strive to use sustainable fabrics from suppliers that share our values. Fabrics like Tencel and Viscose both grown sustainably and responsibly from renewable plant material.

The production of textiles is as important as the rest. Our partners use fewer chemicals, less water, uses moderns facilities with help from machines such as windmills and solar panels. Textiles we use are produced comply with the relevant regulations and high environmental shared standards in the EU. Our suppliers strive to eliminate the use of dangerous chemical substances by the textile production cycle.

Sustainable production is an important factor for us when choosing a textile supplier for our collections.  Made in the EU

We believe that producing in the region we live in, helps us stay on top of the processes, and be more environmentally- friendly. Shipping clothes within the EU help us minimize the pollution coming from transportation. It is important for us that we know what is happening behind the production, and having our suppliers around the corner enables us to easily control the processes and the quality of the work being done. 

Both, fabric and garments manufacturers are located in Europe. Our fabric suppliers are mostly located in France and Italy, where the precision and experience combined with craftsmanship and modern facilities does the magic to the textiles we use for our collections. 

The value of the people  - #ETI base code

We are not only about beautiful designs and patterns, we want to make sure that the process of producing each garment is beautiful as well.

This is why we have consciously chosen our partners and made sure that our manufacturers provide ethical and friendly working conditions for their employees, who are very important to our value chain.

All of our garments are produced in EU, by trusted factories, that share the same values as Apati. 

Our manufacturers follow ETI Base Code- Ethical Trading Initiative, which ensures that the workers are provided with the safe and hygienic workplace. It is very important to us since we stand up for our values at all times, and ETI Base Code is one of them. The ETI Base Code ensures that the employees producing our garments are provided with rights and benefits, living wages and that their working hours are not excessive. ETI Base Code is to ensure that no child labor was used, and no discrimination, harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.